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Quantum Radionic Table – The treatment is effective!

Quantum Radionic Table - The treatment is effective! sacerdote-mago-sacerdote-marcos-de-oxossi-2089670

mesa radiônica quântica

The Quantum Radionic Table is a transmuting instrument of energy which makes it feasible to discover adverse aspects in all areas of life. Throughout the online or online radionic table you’re able to detect the negative energies and then transmute them.

Assuming that we are energy and interacting with our surroundings unconsciously and consciously. It is likely to know that which we have « wrong » and that may be preventing us from realizing our dreams.

For instance: if you have difficulty in loving relationships, the radionic dining table will measure your energy for this matter. Plus it’ll balance and minimize that influence. By improving the physical aspect a lot (in several instances the problem is completely solved).

What is the Radionic Table?

Physically it is a kind of map, where the therapist will act with a pendulum to « read » that the client’s energy within the aspect he asked to be examined.

As though it were a board game, where the dining table operator uses techniques, is not divination or oracle, isn’t spiritual is scientific. But you can work on topics of a spiritual character, as well as in the region of ​​relationships, practitioner, health and financial.

Through the pendulum (dowsing) the therapist will be « guided » by electricity reading and will get advice on which instruments will be utilised to address the querent issue.

At the start of the reading the table points out the energy which the client has for the particular question and what energy is going to be necessary to solve the instance.

With the use of the tools that the table indicates, the therapist elicits new frequencies (radionics), more suitable for every circumstance.

The therapy can be done at a distance, it’s sufficient for the client to provide his name, date of birth, address and the query to be examined.

The therapist / operator asks that the radionic table if it is divine to operate on this particular question, if so, proceed with the job.

With these statistics the pendulum will be able to « find » the energy of the individual and produce its reading and indicate the resources for activation.

These tools are activated by the therapist in the intention of the adviser, so the person who undergoes the treatment of the table doesn’t have to carry out another actions. Keep yourself open to receiving these energy treatments.

There are many tools and the dining table suggests WHAT will probably be best suited to the situation being consulted and for the individual, at any moment.

It could be more or less like going to the doctor with some symptom and he’ll diagnose what you have and indicate the best remedies and processes to the cure.

Where the therapist describes what every tool which will be activated, will perform in the process of cleaning the person.

You can create the radionic table in the space or in person. Learn more mesa radiônica à distância

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